Advanced Optioneering for Income

What You Learn

Are you ready to uplevel your trading? After you have at least 3 months paper trading experience the GTI way, this course is designed to pick up where OFI left off, showing you several exciting opportunities to expand your trading acumen. Learn the “why’s” and “how to’s” of Advanced Trading and take your success to the next level.

In this course, we cover in detail all the types of advanced trades – Iron Butterfly, Self Adjusting Iron Butterfly and many permutations of advanced trade adjustments. We will cover the various scenarios in which you would not only use each of these trades but also the various adjustments that are relevant under certain market conditions. If you are live trading (or planning to), it is critical that you fully understand every nuance of advanced trades so that, in a multitude of market conditions, you can create more profit and minimize risk.

The 6 Learning Modules:

  • Verticals & Iron Condor (Advanced Strategies)
  • Iron Butterfly
  • Self Adjusting Iron Butterfly & Iron Condor
  • CUB (Collapsing Unbalanced Butterfly)
  • Advanced Adjustments
  • Advanced Trading Tools

Prerequisites:  Optioneering for Income

Class times: Saturday & Sunday 8 – 5

Investment: $1249

Next Class: Newport Beach, January 28 & 29.

Advanced Course Testimonial

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Every Advanced Optioneering for Income graduate is welcome to join the Advanced OFI course again at a special discount: $200 off of regular tuition. There are always more “holographic trading” details revealed at each Advanced OFI!

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“Mastery requires perfect practice.”
  • I came to the class with high expectations, and what I learned far exceeded my expectations.