August 30 – November 15, 2017

Wednesdays: 6 – 7:30 pm Pacific Time (webinar)
Are you an Advanced GTI Trader who is ready for a whole heck of a lot more!  . . . more advanced weekly guidance, nuanced strategies, greater variety of learning, and high-level conversations. Dive into the Mastermind! A collaborative, committed, accountable collective of knowledgeable traders strategizing their next-level success.

Be bold. Apply. Jump into the adventure. There are great things to come . . .

The Details

Dates: August 30 – November 15, 2017

Time: Wednesday: 6 – 7:30 pm Pacific Time (via online webinar technology)

Commitment Required: The success of each of us depends on the commitment of each of us. You agree to show up, play full out and be in generous of spirit to your peers. No opting out. No refunds.

Investment: $400 one-time payment

About the Mastermind

Collective Process – Each member can speak and screen share during the Mastermind weekly webinars (not a one-way conversation like the Weekly Q&A Webinar).

Collaboration – The group will brainstorm together new ideas, solutions, motivation, resources, etc so that each member’s support is catalyzed.

Connection – exclusive online portals for our group to stay connected. Private Mastermind Webpage for resource posting by all members. Private FaceBook page for peer-to-peer support, encouragement and accountability.

Small Select Group – Your Mastermind colleagues are students who have the experience required to be a contribution to the group and each member’s success. 11 Traders will be invited to join the Mastermind.

Hot Seat – Each member will have an opportunity to be on the “Hot Seat” to share their trading strategies as compared to their results. A prime opportunity for identifying individual areas of growth and fine-tuning.

Accountability – In making a 12 week commitment to the program, to your peers and to advancing your own trading strategies, we can create progressive, exponential growth.

The Process

The goal of the Advanced Optioneers Mastermind is to have traders move from just “following the rules” to using the rules to help guide creative thinking and next-level strategies to generate higher profits and maneuver the market with more finesse.

This Mastermind is a selective group of experienced & collaborative Optioneers. Ron will personally vet each participant to ensure that their level of understanding and practice is of a level sufficient to be a a supportive resource to the entire group.

Each week, one Advanced Optioneer will take “the hot seat” demonstrating their ideal trade for the week, explaining the market conditions, the reasons for their particular advanced strategy, and the lessons they learned as an Advanced Optioneer in the process. In an effort to move from process-oriented thinkers to “holographic” thinkers – true Advanced Optioneers – the group will offer analysis of the trade, suggestions and alternatives. We will also discuss lessons learned and master-level questions. In addition, there is a friendly “competition” of profit generation for the 12 week session and a private Facebook Group for additional discussion and questions.

Ron’s role is to help guide the thinking of the group into higher levels of strategy. This Mastermind is also an ongoing learning lab for those wishing to gain mastery.


1. Completion of the Optioneering for Income (version 2.0 with Ivri Turner as curriculum developer and co-facilitator.)

2. Completion of the ADVANCED Optioneering for Income.

3. Participation on the weekly Advanced OFI Q&A Webinars.

4. Live Trading / Paper Trading Experience. Live Trading experience is preferred, but some exceptions are made for students who have exhibited exemplary skills at Paper Trading and a high degree of understanding. (Please use Application below to be considered for eligibility.)

5. An advanced grasp of the trading concepts taught in the GTI System and an inner readiness to learn more and contribute to your fellow traders.

6. Your commitment to co-create a cohesive, positive, respectful learning environment while surrendering the negative influence that Fear, Greed and Ego can sometimes have.

What is a Mastermind?

Napoleon Hill first introduced the concept of a mastermind in the best-selling book on wealth of all time: Think and Grow Rich. Upon studying 500 of the world’s industrial age millionaires, he recognized that one key to each of their success was purposefully and in an organized way sharing knowledge, support and resources.

Hill describes the Mastermind in this way . . .

“The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”

He continues to say . . .

“No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind [the master mind].

If Hill is correct, what is possible for your success as a Advanced Optioneer Mastermind Member? Are you ready to capitalize on the infinite power of the “Mastermind.”

Advanced Optioneers Mastermind