How much time will I need to invest in learning the system until I am proficient enough to trade on my own?


We have developed a 1 year-long training & mentorship program that is designed to ensure you have mastery of the GTI System. During the first year, you will practice placing and managing trades without the pressure of risking real money. Once you have a good track record with paper trades, you will then feel safer using real money.

The step-by-step system for learning how to trade using the GTI System:

1.  Enroll in our 3-day live foundational course Optioneering for Income.

2. We will guide you on opening your trading account (don’t do it on your own). We recommend that you use TD Ameritrade for your account and use their “thinkorswim” electronic trading platform.

3. You will start by paper trading (no real money involved) for 1 year as you learn.

4. Participate in the Q&A Webinars offered twice per week to all Alumni of Optioneering for Income. Ron will review the market with you and how to best strategize your trades. You will have ample time for Q&A to get customized support.

5. Advanced Courses are offered to help you uplevel your trading know-how.

6. After a year of mentorship and practice, you can start live trading your own funds. If you need more support, that is available too. No rush. Better to build confidence.


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