Why does the GTI System work?

This system works because it is based on the same methods the big firms make massive profits, compared to the majority of investors who struggle to “figure it out”. With over 30 years of research and experience, including working inside a big firm managing their own investments, GTI’s Founder/CEO, Ron Harrison, uses the same system the big firms do with unprecedented results that exponentially outperform retail traders. At GTI, we teach you how to position yourself on the winning side of the trade  – just as the brokerages do – giving you the same opportunities to achieve high profit margins.

Do I need to have trading experience?

No. As a matter of fact, the students we teach who have zero experience typically end up doing better than those who have been trading previously. This is because it is harder to break bad trading habits as compared to having no bad habits to break. People who are new to trading have a clean canvas for learning. For those who have previous experience learning the “wrong ways to trade,” learning the GTI way in not impossible; however, it may take more effort to adjust their trading habits.

Will anyone have access to my trading account other than me?

No, only you will have access. Your account is password-protected. It is your choice if you wish to give other people permission to access your account. GTI does not require that you share your account information for learning purposes.

How safe is this? How does this trading system reduce risk?

Our trading methods are structured to be as safe as possible. The methods we use have limited risk, right from the beginning.

The Key to minimizing risk is to avoid having to predict which direction the market will go. By implementing “non-directional” trades, your investment is not solely dependent on if the market goes up, down or flat.

While nothing is 100% risk-free, we also teach you risk management by “course correcting” (making Adjustments) during the life-cycle of a trade.

You must always use your own best judgment when choosing to engage in any activity that involves risk. We always emphasize risk vs reward. The GTI System is low risk, high reward.

I have been trading for a long time. How will this program help me increase my profits?

If you are not making consistent, high-profit monthly returns on your investments, then you’ve come to the right place. At GTI, we teach you how to achieve these results by experiencing a whole new side of investing – one that most people never get to see unless they have worked inside a large brokerage house.

There is a challenge: You will have to forget everything that you learned about the stock market. This is not buy and hold stock purchasing, option buying, day trading, or all the other ways the mass media trains you to believe trading works.

Abandon the “retail” trading you learned in Investing 101 and learn the magic of non-directional trading. Finally, minimize your risk while maximizing your profit.

How can I get support through the learning curve?

Our training system is designed not only to teach you the GTI System but to support you every step of the way as you gain trading mastery. Throughout your learning, additional support is available through our twice weekly Q&A webinars.  If you would like more help, Ron Harrison is available for 1-on-1 Coaching. We also offer monthly Meetups for continuing education in select cities. These live meetings are always free. Additionally, we will also offer Advanced Courses to gain more expertise.

We are always here for you! Your success is our top priority.

What does it mean to trade like a big firm?

The big trading firms know the biggest secret to making the best trades. The Wall Street machine is a “Zero Sum Game” – one side wins as the other side equally loses. The big firms use trading methodologies largely hidden from public view that are consistently placing them on the winning side. So if you are going to choose a side, you might as well learn how to be on the winning one.

The brokerages push their clients to gamble by taking risky directional trades, forcing retail investors to guess which direction the market will go, with the odds stacked against them from the start.

Meanwhile, with their own money, the big firms position themselves in non-directional trades that are less risky and much more profitable. This is the secret we teach at Global Trading Institute.

What is the minimum amount that I would need to start investing?

You can actually open your trading account without any funds and “paper trade” while you learn, using non-valued digital money to practice your trading methods.

For live trading, we suggest that the least amount of funds necessary to start effectively is $10,000. This allows you to place trades in the amount of 25% or less of your total capital and still have 75% of your capital remaining to manage (“Adjust”) trades that are in danger. It gives you enough capital to recover from the pre-determined loss threshold.

There is no maximum amount you can trade.

If this system is so great, why don’t more people trade this way?

More people should trade the way we do at GTI, but the sad fact is that there are very few places to learn how profit from non-directional trading, except by working inside a large firm and having them teach you their closely guarded secrets.

Virtually every book and course about trading is teaching from the perspective of directional trading. At GTI, we will teach you the secrets the big firms use that they don’t want you to know because in a “Zero Sum Game” the more that investors lose, the more the big firms gain. Get started at GTI today to get on the winning side of Wall Street.

How do I get started?

We are glad that you ready to profit, just as the big firms do. There is a lot of money available to acquire by learning the GTI System.

It’s easy to get started. Just enroll in our 3-day live foundational course Optioneering for Income.

We will be with you every step of the way.


How much time will I need to invest in learning the system until I am proficient enough to trade on my own?

We have developed a 1 year-long training & mentorship program that is designed to ensure you have mastery of the GTI System. During the first year, you will practice placing and managing trades without the pressure of risking real money. Once you have a good track record with paper trades, you will then feel safer using real money.

The step-by-step system for learning how to trade using the GTI System:

1.  Enroll in our 3-day live foundational course Optioneering for Income.

2. We will guide you on opening your trading account (don’t do it on your own). We recommend that you use TD Ameritrade for your account and use their “thinkorswim” electronic trading platform.

3. You will start by paper trading (no real money involved) for 1 year as you learn.

4. Participate in the Q&A Webinars offered twice per week to all Alumni of Optioneering for Income. Ron will review the market with you and how to best strategize your trades. You will have ample time for Q&A to get customized support.

5. Advanced Courses are offered to help you uplevel your trading know-how.

6. After a year of mentorship and practice, you can start live trading your own funds. If you need more support, that is available too. No rush. Better to build confidence.


How much time per week will I need to devote to manage my trading account?

Managing your trading account should take no more than 1 hour at the beginning of the week and perhaps again at the end of the week. This is not Day Trading. You no longer need to watch the screen from the moment the markets open until the second the market closes. Besides having less risk and higher profits, needing less time to manage your trading account is a major advantage of using the GTI System.

What commission fees will I be subject to? Are there any other fees?

All trades are managed by brokerage firms, which charge their own standard commission fees. We prefer to use TD Ameritrade as a brokerage. Our trainings use TD Ameritrade’s “thinkorswim” platform, which you may consider for easier learning when choosing your brokerage firm. You will need to contact your brokerage firm to find out their commission structure. When trading your own account, there are no other fees other than these commissions.