What You Learn

Trading global currency is a high yield profit-making strategy. But, by nature of the system, there are wins and there are losses. The secret is to know how to maximize winning trades and minimize loosing trades.

In this course we will teach you “directional” currency trading, leveraging a greater understanding of Technical Analysis to increase the wins. This is the foundational course for every aspiring Forex trader.

{Forex can be also be traded non-directionally using Options. Once you have learned the complete GTI System of Options Trading, Advanced OFI Alumni are eligible to participate in the Forex Option Trading “add on” training.}

Duration: 2.5 days

Facilitators: Ron Harrison & Ivri Turner

Prerequisites: None. Serves beginning and experienced traders.

Bonus Support- 3 Months Free

Webinar: Forex Currency Webinar

Learn with fellow traders at weekly webinars using live screen share with Ron Harrison. By getting a “market update” from Ron Harrison and engaging in an open Q&A sessions, you will increase your knowledge beyond the scope of the training course, and more quickly refine your personal trading strategy. This is your chance to not only ask general questions about your Forex Currency Trading, but also engage in specific questions about your trading practice and strategy.  Open to Forex Currency Trading graduates only.


Forex Currency Trading Investment: $1349

What’s Included

Gourmet Waterfront Lunches

Forex Currency Trading – Newport Beach

Comprehensive Forex Manual


Class Location

newport-beach_yacht club

Newport Beach Yacht Club

Forex Options Trading

a 1/2 day “add on” training

for GTI Advanced Optioneers

Advanced Optioneering for Income Alum who are enrolled in the Forex Currency Trading (foundational class) are eligible to participate in this 1/2 day “Add On” training seminar. You will learn how to to trade Options on Forex using your Non-Directional Advanced Options Trading strategies.

Duration: 3 hours (Sunday 2 – 5pm)

Prerequisites: Forex Currency Trading, Optioneering for Income, ADVANCED Optioneering for Income.

Investment: $99 (add on fee to Forex Currency Trading course)

Registration: Register for the Forex Currency Trading Seminar ($1349). After registration, all Advanced OFI Alumni will receive an invitation to the Forex Options Trading

What Our Students Say

  • A very practical detailed step-by-step system that also addresses our individual psychological behaviors. An excellent program. I highly recommend this course.

    Lonna Walker
    Lonna Walker
  • I highly recommend Global Trading Institute to anyone who is interested in learning how to generate income. This system does work and will give back to you what you put into it. Ron and Ivri [the facilitators] are amazing and have worked very hard to provide their students with material and experiences that can ensure they are successful. They truly care about your success. It would be a shame for you to miss out on this training opportunity. Simply the best class I have ever taken!

  • After years of low to average return on my investment. I am glad to have found GTI, a company that has given me the tools necessary for making way above average returns with defined limited risk. After haven taken his course I am delighted to say Global Trading Institute is the best investment training I have ever received. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone seeking above average returns with below average risk.

  • You guys are really on top of making this the BEST education out there for Market Trading. Robert Kiyosaki has NOTHING on you!!!

  • I have been trading for many years and have paid for and tried many systems. I am confident this is the last program I will ever need.

    Happy Student, Memphis TN
    Happy Student, Memphis TN
  • The GTI System is the first I've seen that gives you everything you need to be successful long term. It's the most optimistic that I've ever been coming out of a course.

    Dave Morden
    Dave Morden
  • Best trading strategy that I have learned in the last 20 years. Love the system!