Newport Beach, California

May 20 & 21, 2017

Why Trade Futures?


There is an abundance of commodities to trade: energies, metals, currencies, interest rates, equities, and more. There is usually one that is preforming well that you can strategically capitalize on.

Common Sense Trading

Take advantage of current events.  If gas prices are rising you could trade oil futures. If the east coast has an extremely cold winter you could trade heating oil futures. Profit from what’s happening in the news.

Longer Trading Hours

Trade 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Futures market is open from Sunday night until Friday afternoon. This allows you to enter, exit or have orders working to protect your positions almost 24 hours a day, even while you sleep.

High Liquidity

High trading volume helps keeps the spreads (bid/ask) tight thus making it easy for traders to enter and exit the markets with their day trading.

No PDT Rules

Pattern Day Trading (PDT) rules requires that a trader have a high minimum of funds in their trading account to make more than 4 trades in a day. Good news! Futures don’t have these rules, so trade to your heart’s content – safely of course!

Tax Advantages

Favorable US tax consequences for short term traders since futures profits are taxed 60/40, which means that 60% of the gain is taxed at the maximum rate of 15% (similar to long-term gains) and the other 40% is taxed at a maximum rate of 35% as ordinary income.

What You Learn

In this 2-day live course, facilitated by Ron Harrison, Founder of Global Trading Institute, and Ivri Turner, Trading Trainer,  you will learn the foundational tools and strategies for directionally trading Commodities Futures, a necessary skill to diversify your trading portfolio. Whether you are a novice or a market master, Futures Trading is for you.

First you learn the core methodology of how to directionally trade Futures the GTI way, step-by-step from A-Z. Then, there is more. Critical to success is to master the #1 risk in trading – your Trading Psychology. Don’t let unchecked emotions affect your trading; outsmart them by developing Trading Mindset Mastery.

As a culmination of this course, you will create your complete GTI Futures Trading Plan – the vital piece to being successful.

Learning Modules:

  • Understanding Directional Futures Trading
  • Risk Management
  • Fundamental and Technical Analysis
  • Executing Futures Trades
  • Mindset Mastery
  • Trading Plan

What’s Included


2 Seaside Lunches


Comprehensive Manual

newport-beach_yacht club

Waterfront Classroom

What Our Students Say?

  • Your knowledge on the subject is overwhelming and I definitely agree we are getting a great opportunity and are very lucky to work with you.

  • My favorite aspect of the GTI system is learning how to actually place trades and most importantly the techniques for mitigating risks, etc.

    Jim Eckle
  • If you are looking for a system where you are in the driver's seat, this is the system for your mind, your personal wealth, and lifelong dreams.


For Advanced Students

Futures Options Trading Educational Webinar

Leverage your Advanced Options Trading skills and learn how to trade options on Futures in your existing TD Ameritrade account. Once you understand the advanced Options strategies, it is so easy to convert that knowledge to Futures. Easy Breezy!

Prerequisite: Advanced Optioneering for Income

When: Monday May 22 (live attendance only)

How: Educational Webinar delivered online

Tuition: $39

Registration: Email invite will be sent after Futures Commodities seminar registration