Ron Harrison

Founder & CEO, Global Trading Institute

Ron Harrison has over 30 years of experience successfully trading in the financial markets. He began his career as a stockbroker on Wall Street, but after witnessing the corrupt nature of facilitating retail trades for the public, he switched careers and moved to the back office trading rooms of some of Wall Street’s largest brokerage firms. It was in these back rooms where he learned how the big firms trade differently with their own money than they do with their client’s, the public’s, money.

After mastering the trading secrets of the Big Firms, Ron left Wall Street to pursue his own trading ventures, perfecting a “non-directional” options selling strategy that allowed him to experience consistent high yields while minimizing risk. During the market chaos of 2008, using his proprietary system of trading, Ron made greater profits than he ever had before. As he watched those around him who were on the “retail side” of the market loose their fortunes, he realized it was time to pull down the veil of how money is really made (and profits retained) in the market. Global Trading Institute was born.

It is Ron’s mission to show the public how they can trade their own accounts using the same trading principles that the Big Firms use – and instantly see a drastic improvement in their account’s performance. The public can now have command over their own funds, trade their own account “non-directionally” and profit no matter if the market goes up, goes down or stays flat, all while massively minimizing risk. Through Global Trading Institute, Ron teaches audiences around the county these previously unknown trading principals.