The Global Trading Institute System

When your broker trades your money (and even when you do your own day trading), you are trading the “retail” side of the market. You are buying an underlying asset and hoping the market moves in your predicted direction. Only then can you profit. Since the market always does one of 3 things – goes up, goes down or stays flat – you have only a 1 out of 3 probability of profiting. This is gambling. In any type of gambling, ultimately the House wins. It’s time to change the odds.

At Global Trading Institute, we teach you the trading secret that the brokerage firms use to trade their own money – Non-directional Trading. By abandoning everything you were taught about trading, you can learn the systematic strategy to profit no matter if the market goes up, goes down, or stays flat.  “How could that possibly work?” you ask.

3 Essential Tenets of GTI

1. Leverage Non-Directional Trading – Profit no matter if the market goes, goes down or stays flat.

2. Master your Trading Psychology – How and what you think is what makes you a successful trader.

3. Achieve Financial Freedom – Take your financial future in your own hands. Trade your own account. Reduce Risk. Increase Profit.

How the GTI System Works

Here it is in nutshell. . .

If it sounds complicated, it’s really not. Whether you are a novice that has never followed the market in your life or you have been trading for years and are ready to make more money, our courses and support resources will teach you everything you need to know.

  • Technical Analysis

    Analyze the Historical Trading Range - all past price movement - high and low prices - of SPX for a maximum of 1 year. Strategically identify the strike prices at which to sell Options - on both sides of the range (selling the Iron Condor).

  • Option Selling

    Establish a Position by selling weekly SPX Options. In case the Option goes In the Money, for protection, buy Options for less premium to fulfill the Options we sold in case they are exercised. Limit risk while maximizing profit.

  • Non-Directional Profit

    Profit occurs at the time we sell the Option. When SPX price stays within the Trading Rang.e that we established with our Position, the O.ption expires worthless. Because the Option was not exercised, we keep the premium as our profit.

  • Adjusting

    If a trade is in danger of breaking through the Trading Range, we "adjust" our position to expire later, moving it out of the way of expiring In the Money this week. We keep our profit. GTI is the only system that teaches this secret weapon.

How to Learn the GTI System

Learning the GTI System is easy, both for novices and experienced traders. 

We have created a comprehensive training curriculum to ensure that you not only learn the method, but you are successful in applying it. It takes a year of mentoring and practice to develop the level of mastery necessary for sustainable success.

The GTI System is not a “get rich quick” scheme. With all things truly worthwhile, it takes time and dedication to create your desired results. Global Trading Institute is with you every step of the way to ensure your success is supported.

  • Optioneering for Income

    In this 3-day live training course, learn the entire foundation for trading the GTI way. Ron Harrison will walk you through a step-by-step comprehensive curriculum guaranteed to teach you everything you need to know: non-directional trading mastery; basic technical analysis so you can place solid trades; how to “adjust” if a trade “gets in trouble;” create a personalized trading plan; and master your trading psychology.

  • Paper Trade

    Place “practice trades” for 1 year so that you can grow your skills and confidence and get comfortable with the electronic trading platform (thinkorswim). These trades function like live trades, but they are placed with digital (fake) money so that your learning mistakes can never risk real money. This is your apprenticeship year, during which you embody the skills of non-directional trading and master your trading psychology.

  • Weekly Q&A Webinars

    With your OFI course registration, you receive a bonus 3-month free subscription to the Weekly Q&A Webinars which happen twice per week. Ron Harrison will review the market conditions for the week and demonstrate how to best strategize your trades. You will have the opportunity to ask all your questions and receive customized support. The webinars are so valuable our students remain participants for the lifetime of their trading activities.

  • Advanced Courses

    Advanced trading strategies and advanced technical analysis are key to helping you minimize risk and maximize profit. Once you have taken the OFI Course, participated in the Webinars for at least 3 months and successfully Paper Traded for at least 3 months, you are invited to take both of our Advanced Courses (live trainings) in any order: Advanced Optioneering for Income and Advanced Technical Analysis. Uplevel your trading know-how.

How Can this Be True?

Profit no matter which direction the market moves?!?!? Sound too good to be true?

Well, it’s real; it’s legal; and hundreds of our students make consistent, substantial profits every week.

The truth is, trading Options has a bad reputation . . . for Buyers. They lose big. Where is the money going? To Options Sellers!

At Global Trading Institute, we teach you how to trade Options as a Seller – just like the Big Firms. This is the most lucrative and safest way you can profit in the market.

Are you still a bit skeptical? Skepticism is a good trait! But in order to get started, we’ll have to bust the “It sounds too good to be true” myth. Read what our students, people just like you, have to say. Just look over to the testimonials box to the right. Even the skeptics are now believers!

Rest assured, you are in good hands. Ron Harrison, Founder and CEO has 30 years of first-hand experience working as a Wall Street Trader. He left Wall Street to develop the GTI System and went on to make millions of dollars for himself using these methods. Committed to ending the struggle people face as they try to make a profit in the market, Ron is devoted to teaching his students how to achieve financial freedom and take the power of profit back into their own hands.

At the end of the day, the biggest promise we can offer is our Money Back Guarantee. Upon completing the entire Optioneering for Income course, if you do not feel we have delivered on our promise to teach you non-directional trading we will return 100% of your tuition investment.

  • "Ron, You're either a magician or a genius, and I'm definitely leaning towards the latter!! I count my blessings that I was able to be in your class and cannot wait to start a new one and keep learning. Your knowledge on the subject is overwhelming."

    John G.
    John G.
  • What a great month [of returns]! Just maybe GTI knows how this "selling options" stuff works. I now understand that if you have $3 Million in a trust account, the bank who manages the money will pay out at 4% per year or $120,000 annually. You can learn "the GTI Way" and make 5% per month on $200,000 or $10,000 per month or $120,000 annually. You can live like you have $3 Million....on $200,000....

    Mary T.
    Mary T.
  • I have been searching for someone to really help me understand options. They are hard to find. OFI has shed a whole new light on it. Seminars are outstanding. Thank you Ron and OFI! I am on the right path for Success!

    Dean C.
    Dean C.
  • Meeting Ron and learning the strategies necessary to trade successfully have opened up new worlds of possibilities for us. For many years, I tried to find an approach to trading options that made sense. Now, I feel I have that approach. My wife and I can trade together and both experience the peace of mind that what we are doing makes sense and creates profits. Thank you so much, Ron!

    Athan & Patricia
    Athan & Patricia
  • The information from Global Trading Institute is unique and simply not available anywhere else. It's the Real Deal if you want to trade like the House.

    Michael Tucker
    Michael Tucker

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 Ron Harrison,
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A Message from Ron Harrison

Trying to extract profits from the markets can be a difficult undertaking. I am sure you have heard the horror stories from friends and family – how they lost their investments in their IRA’s and retirement accounts during the past decade.

As a former Wall Street Trader, I know how the markets work from the inside out. This is a view that most people never get to see.

What you need to keep in mind is that the markets are a zero sum game – as one side wins, the other side loses. The big brokerage firms know how to more consistently stay on the winning side, which means that the majority of everyone else usually ends up losing their money to them. Actually, money is not really “won” or “lost”, it is just transferred from the unknowledgeable to the knowledgeable. The problem is that most of the people with the right knowledge work behind the scenes, hidden in the back offices of the large trading firms where they can keep their secrets. This leaves everyone else in the dark, on the losing side, supplying the big firms with a steady stream of funds as a result.

I’m here to teach you the right knowledge – the secrets I learned while working in the back offices of the big firms. I can show you how to position yourself on the winning side and take profits from the losing side of the markets. It’s really not that hard. It is just a matter of doing what it takes to gain the right knowledge.

If you want to know more about how I can support you, sign up on the homepage for a free 15-min consultation directly with me on what you need to know to get consistent high-yield returns in the stock market.

Get started on the journey of “Trading Like the House” by registering for the Optioneering for Income live course. I’ll be your mentor each step of the way.